February #TBRChallenge Series You Fell Behind On

Finding Center- District Ballet Company Katherine Locke



Loving romances that are different from the usual, I was drawn to this series in which both the heroine and the hero are ballet dancers. Or at least they were dancers, whose careers were on the rise until a car accident cost Zed his leg and caused Alyona to miscarry. Book One of the series was the story of Zed and Aly finding their way back to one another and dealing with the pain of all they lost.

In Book Two, Aly discovers she’s pregnant. How does this change impact her relationship with Zed, her fragile emotions, and her career as a ballerina?

I have to say, that while I enjoyed the first book, I loved the second book. There was more of an external focus to the story as Zed and Aly cope with the upheaval a pregnancy brings to their lives.  While Aly is still angst-ridden, she’s less caught up in herself and equally concerned for Zed, her family and fellow dancers.  And Zed is wonderful, a loving, steady, caring partner, who knows and accepts Aly’s flaws and gives her the support she needs.

Zed also sets out to regain something important that he lost, and these scenes were among my favorites in the book. The ending was big, and unapologetically romantic. I also enjoyed the supporting cast, which included members of the District Ballet Company, some sympathetic, some not.

Katherine Locke’s writing is beautiful. She’s a very lyrical writer with poetic turns of phrase that capture her sensitive, artistic dancer characters.

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Contemporary romance author Elizabeth Harmon combines unique settings and characters, to create stories that are sexy, sweet…and a little surprising. Her current release, "Pairing Off" is set in Moscow in the world of competitive figure skating, “Turning It On,” Red Hot Russians #2, goes behind the scenes of a steamy tropical reality show. “Getting It Back,” Red Hot Russians #3, returns to the world of competitive figure skating and will be out in April, 2016. She is published by Carina Press.
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